Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pill Time

Helping papa with his pills. . .counting and sorting them. . . its big fun.

They had lost interest by the time I found a battery that would make my camera work....AHHH I hate batteries!

Tammys Birthday. . .

Party at Aunt Sue's for Tammy. . . grandma Ida made the bowl of chocolate cake and cherries. . . it looked like a pooh nasty, but it was sooooo good. MMMM
Uncle Harry giving Alex whipping cream from the cantainer. . . he thought it wass pretty fun. Taylor was too busy playing with Nick to get a pic. We had to hurry home after cuz we were feeding the Elders. . aka as Tay likes to call them the Vaders. . . we had hot dogs and picnic sides. .. .they were happy with it. Then we worked on the house some more till dark and now its bedtime. . . but Tay just came in, she and her papa are eating left over steak. . .they are so a pair!

Saturday At Home

Here's taylor on the jumpoline. . . can you start to get a feel for how MESSY this is becoming??
Well, maybe this will give you a better perpective! HOLY COW. . what a bunch of mess!
We're waiting for a day to borrow Lac's trailor and haul off a load to the dump!

Taylor and I have been reading the Berinstein Bear books outside to keep papa on task! Poor papa. . . its been a rough day. . his saw has failed and its made him FIESTY!!! ( We got it going!)

Friday, June 29, 2007

One Tired Little Girl. . .

Our very own Goldilocks. . . .

Get some good rest, cuz its back at it tomorrow babe!

And Then It Got Dark!!!

Lac came again to set up his lazer level to get us started on the side of the house...Mark came with and the nail gun got stuck, so they had a piece of pizza while they were getting it unstuck. BBQ chicken with onions. . . mmmmm. . uck!
Its 945 and its dark! But the nighttime mode does a good job, eh?
Can ya see the lazer?? Its pretty cool

They are only at the library now and its 1000, but they only have a few more feet to go. . . THANKS Lac

Friday Night Fun!

Taylor posing while we tar papered...
The whole nine yards. . . . and then some!
Terry's broken window. . . mmmmm. . . i wonder who did that???
Drawing on the wall. . . she was writing and I was marking off the studs. . .

Weekend Plans

Steven came home early today, they broke down, and so he's going to start on the windows without me for a bit. He's going to get Taylor at 100 and I'll meet them for lunch. We may go see a movie, that Rat movie is starting today. . .and maybe a trip to the city for the other window, but its raining and we'll have to see what we can get done. Enjoy the sunshine. those of you have have it! But not so much the heat. . .sorry about that! I'll add pics tonight. . .

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Onward and Off To The Next Thing

Taking off the head trims and waiting for the new siding to be installed. . .
Looks like a bunch of work eh?
It was really raining a bit ago, so as soon as we saw a break, we were off and ripping!

The Finished View

The end is finally done! Yeah. . . caulking and all!

It's Thursday and the Only..

thing I have to blog are these cookies that I baked for dad. You notice that I never said that I made them....HA! but I did bake them. Peanut butter with little peanut butter cups in it! Pretty tasty.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Its Tuesday. . . and

Vonnie's birthday and Kay Bacon and I went to lunch with her. No beans today...we had Subway! WOW What a change! HA

And here we are finishing up the end. . . well almost. We need to cut a vent hole and put the vents in, but dad is caulking now and its almost done! We picked up two of the three windows last night. . stupid Jerry's cant find one of them. So I suppose we have to make ANOTHER trip to the city. . cuz they dont deliver! They should owe us a tank of gas!! AHHHH

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Going To The Temple

I-5 and our first view of the templ, its always so cool to see those spires!

Stake Temple Day. . Some More

More of the temple grounds
It was SOOO busy today, we had to park on the street! WOW, gotta love Stake days

And there were tons of brides here today. . .
I just love this temple. . .its so awesome!

Stake Temple Day

Dad and the new car. . . .
Portland Temple grounds. . . pretty nice, eh?

Stake Temple Day

Steven, me, Pinky and Grandma Ida
Bill and Luell. . .

Posting last to first, this is lunch after the temple. It was at the Sweet Tomato. . . .mmmmm. We ahd a great day. . .