Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday Night Car Washing. .

Tay and her papa washing my car! HA! She liked the rinsing much better thanthe washing, but she really got WET!!

Papa uses really hot water. . .ouch!

Thanks you two for the great car wash.

Uncle Harry's BD

Uncle Harry's 56th birthday party at Aunt Sue's. We had a nice visit and watched Harry scratch off his lottery tickets that Pat and Norb gave him. We had chocolate cake from Safeway and rice crispie treats from Toni. It was fun, wish you girls could have come!!
He looks like papa Lucky here a little with his bread going on. . its his vacation, so no shaving I guess. HA

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Trip A To Salem. . and Tay's First Hotel Stay

Comfort Inn downtown Salem
View from our floor
Taylor LOVED the hotel experience. . from the elevators to the soda machines to the pool!
Ready to swim, guys, lets go! Come on dad, you look just fine in that suit!
Terery and Tay and Stevens head!
All done, well, she wasnt really done, but it was time to leave adn get ready for bed!
PAPA. . i love this chair!

A Visit To The State Capitol

Oregon State Capitol Building in Salem on Court Street.
Terry told taylor I had to get a drink out of the fountain cuz i got us lost! HA, I found this didn't I?
Pose you two!
The Salem's verison of Moroni. . .HA. . its a lumberjack. . or a logger!
Steve and Taylor and Terry. . Ter was intrigued with what kind of stone the scluptures were made from.

AC Gilbert Village. . .Got Kids?

The AC Gilbert Village was put together in remembance of the man who invented the erector set! Mr. Gilbert, and the whole village is a museum for children where they can touch everything and experiment and learn. It was a great time for usand Taylor loved having her dad come with. There were three houses with displays and a park area with lots more to investigate. If you get a chance, you should go.

The grocery learning center.
The patio area. . .
Energy area. . and more gas from papa.
Taylor was the princess and papa was the
Prince on his steed. . . .HA!

This was inside the weather room.
This was part of the human body area.. . where papa's body was working overtime. . . with GAS!!! Run Tay run. . .
Bubble room
Get on the train, everyone!!
Music area outside in the very LARGE jungle gym.

This water works seemed to intrigue all three of them for quite a while!

AC Gilbert, Founder

Weekend Fun Times

Today we were in Salem at the Carousel at Riverfront Park. Taylor LOVES merry go rounds, and this was just down the street from the Discovery Village, so we did both.

This horde was a sea theme, so we thought it appropriate that Tay should ride her.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Almost Done. . . Or Not So Much!!

Here's the lastest view of the front of the house. . white door and trim makes the green so much more acceptable to me. . . what do you think?
Still have a LOT of painting to do, but its getting there.

Now that we have the white trim chosen, we can get the gutters going. . .white ones.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Going Home Day. . And Stopping At The Mall One Last Time. . .

Papa and Ella listening to a trio outside in the Woodburn Outlet Mall.
She has a fever today, and she still has smiles for people!
Mom and Ella and the trio. . they were quite good!
The boys in the band. . .
Mom and Ella

More Odd Things

Lunch at the Bell
Its amazing how many people stop and talk to Ella. . . and she just smiles and chats with them.
Last time fun for Ella and taylor, so we took them to Abby's and Aunt Sue and Uncle Steve came too.
Taylor doing, Im not sure what.
This is Ella's sucking her face look. . .she is so funny, she does this all the time.