Monday, August 6, 2007

A Family Brownsville

Cousins.. . Madi, Shelia, Kim, Shalon and Alisha
madi and Ella with Kim's children, Robert and Merissa
The cousins..Alisha and her youngest little girl, and her daughter, Carrisa and her son Carter, Shalon's little girl and Carissa's son Wade, and then we have Alisha's son Zach and Shalon is in the back with her youngest daughter. Kim and her children and Shelia is in the back too. Both Shelia and Kim are expecting babies.
Madi and Ella in front of the great play area in the Pioneer Park in Brownsville, where Aunt Sherrie's girls put on an imprompt to family reunion for the afternoon. Taylor was wanted, but we didnt get to bring her. Everyone was thrilled to see Madi and Ella tho, but we missed having Terry and Joe and Bethany's family there.

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Bethany said...

OK, I hate missing all the fun~

Can you tell me who the kids belong to on the group shot. I see that there's 7 grand kids on the Rick and Sherrie side, but which moms do they belong to :)

Looks like a fantastic afternoon!