Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Little Cutie Contest Competition. . For Ella, Austin and Alex

Ella's group
Austin group
Alex's group
This one is pretty cute. . . he'll be the competition!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy 35th Anniversary To Us!

April 28, 1973
35 years Later. .
April 28, 2008

Let There Be Light . Or Whatever ! !

The city has been installing these huge power towers for the last few weeks, from around the new football field on out to North Fork Road and todat they were stringing lines on them. . thought it was fun to see and would share with ya.

Cool, huh? Those are they heading fdown past the bowling alley.

Sand Dunes And Steve's Machines!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Take that!!
And that!!
( thats Mirissa in the background)


Its Robert in the backgrounds. . Kim and Shelia up front.

International Children Of God Activity April 2008

We had our Primary Quarterly Activity today and in preparation for Rhody Days, we had an International day with members!
Taylor and CJ ( his dad is from Hong Kong and his mom's from Japan!)

Ann and Danon with Chrissy and Austin
Otis Wade and his girls. . he's from Granada
Chris Weraty and Simon. . Chris went to school on a hockey scholarship in Sweden when is was in high school, he actually graduated there!
Dad and Danon
Brother Weraty

The Granada group
Chris. . the photos of him in white are his grad pics. . zoom in for a better look!
Merritt Mitchell served his mission in Mexico
Sister Tiu is from Japan . . the red band means that she can still have children! No one wears red if they cant!. . No red here!! Some colors mean you are single and others mean you are married! Who knew??
Brother Tiu is from Hong Kong and Sister Blue served a mission in Germany.

The natives were getting restless!!
Eating seaweed snacks!
Taylor and baby Austin

The group

Tay and CJ
Making USA flags. . . nice stripes there Tay!
Samatha Wade
Camp and the Tiu boys

Making maps of the world with coffee filters and food coloring. . kinda not what April had supposed, but they had fun!

Collin Mitchell wearing the world!
Sammy Tiu