Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Birthday BBQ. . Utah Style

Tent covering for either rain, or too much shine
Ella liked her dad's cake
Novel way to light a candle???
Watch the nose..its a little tender!
Happy 24th BD Joe!

Happy Birthday Joseph. . A New Kind Of Cake

A New Sunday Dress...A Find From The DI

Ella's Personal Park

This a view of the Raynes house across the street from the school, you can see the roof
and thats Madi's drive way. . nice, huh?
and her dad
Papa resting...again!

Lunch At The Bell in Pleasant Grove

No matter where we go, we can always make room and time for beans!!

I love these sauce packets! Too funny
No, she never got any out of them, but she had fun trying
After all that, she was out for the ride home. . thats DingDong leftovers

Moments From A Day With Thomas The Train. . In Heber City, Utah

Heber City Railroad station
Papa and Ella
Joe and Ella
Madi and Joe
Our conductor
Ella moments before she fell asleep

Steven and I
Madi and Joe and the smashed penny thing

Balloon monkey. . Madi really liked it and of course so did Ella, and of course
Ella got it. . .and it lasted just a little while. . .

A Trip Up Provo Canyon. .

Popcorn Popping On The Apricot Tree. . The Next Step. . .

Madi's driveway was covered with little almost there apricots. . green and solid, and Ella loved to gather them.

See Grandma Lyn!
See mom and dad!!

Baby's Gotta A Brand New Face. .( Not A Dress)


and after. . papa was watching Ella at the park...
and she fell down a stair or two. .