Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Night Out. . The Last One For Awhile

We chatted and laughed and talked about India and bugs and food and airline flights and family and church and houses and more talk about food and then more on the bugs and just had a grand time.
The Senior Couple. .
Kathy and Chip
Bill and Luell
Steven and I

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jack and Debby Are Leaving Us

The Eichelbergers last sunday with the Florence Ward, they are off to New Delhi, India.
Jack and Deb with us. .
and with Bill and Luell.

Another Park Update

Working on the climbing wall ( and a needed brace)

Its not a Sunshine Brand, but its a Love Brand!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Calista's baby Shower

Calista ( Ann L in the background)
She's due on the 17th of July
Korai,( Sept) Maryann,(Sept) Rebecca (Aug)and Calista ( Jul)
Group shot!

April, Ann and Korai

The baby's room

Calista and Chrissa
Brooke and Korai

Park Update

Working on the stair rungs. .
Painting them. . . more to come

Monday, June 23, 2008

Building A Park. . Monkey Bars First

Putting the monkey bars together

Cool, huh?
Steven sanding down the frame, getting it ready for paint.

Dinner At The Bridgewater

Dinner with Jack and Deb. . one last time before they leave for their mission to India
Bamboo trees as part of the decor
Zebra skin chairs. . way cool

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Building A Better "Park"

Taylor has always, for ever, referred a swing set and monkey bars as a park. We've taken her to parks all over everywhere. . .playlands all over the state and city parks in Eugene, Sweethome, Springfield and even some in Utah! So when she thinks of a swingset, its her park. She wanted to know when her papa was going to start working on fixing her park. Its way cute. . and I think we may start this Sat. . on her park.
Boy, I hope dad knows what he;s doing. . . .
Dad puting up her first swing...

Her face was helping

Testing it out. . good job dad!

A Belated Fathers Day for Terry

Terry's new fishing pole. .
Taylor helping to put the line on. .

Tay and Terry

Taylor and her dad

Twins! ! !

Tay and papa