Thursday, November 29, 2007

Aunt Sue's Christmas Village

Happy Birthday Aunt Sue-E

Toni and Harry and Tammy And family came later, but I guess I was done taking pics by then!
The men sat and watched CMT and then later, played with their cell phone rings! HA
Dad and Norbet

Sue and Pat
Harrison and Audrey

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lunch At The Colonel's!


Going Home

Some of these shots are leaving Columbus and some are leaving Chicago after the layover.

Leaving Midway

Leaving Ohio

Winona Street!

Smart Style Haircut Popcorn Eating, Icee Drinking, Cars' Jammie Evening!

Eating popcorn and having Icees while mom gets her hair cut!
Jim is strapped in the cart and cant get away, but he's just close enough to reach the corn and his drink! ha
Jim and Joe in their new Cars jammies!
Bethanys new Sharon Stone cut!

Faces I Love

Tom and Joe in their new sweatshirts, and Eme
Jacob and Jim
Bethany and Jim
Jacob at the movies
Eme in her new pink stuff!
And Eme
And Eme

Joe And Joe

Thanksgiving. . In Kentucky??

We wanted to go to Kentucky to say we had been there cuz it was only an hour away!! So we went there for Thanksgiving dinner! And we had a grand time. . and then on the way home, we drove back thru West Virigina to say we had been there too! HA!! The bridge over the Ohio River going into Kentucky
The Ohio River
Dinner at Golden Corral, Tom and Jake enjoying ice cream cones.
Jim and his cone. .
Emeline and that look she can give you, like you're crazy!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Tool Time With Tim. . .Building Dressers

Joe and Papa..they had a wonderful time!
Hammer the nail only Mister
Eme wants some of this action.
Tom comes to join in, as does his mom
Finally, the electric tools are found!

A Krispie Kreme Moment

After the zoo and after dinner, we went to the donut shop to watch how they make them. The children were delighted with it! Donuts rising. .
And getting fried. .
And glazed . .
And consumed! MMMMMMM

The Columbus Zoo Adventure

We had a great time at the zoo. Eme remember going to the Chicago Zoo when she was 4, but she was more than ready to go again. They all loved it! The aquarium was the biggest hit..and the snakes! Hmmmm, boys! Bethany and family
Boys will be boys! and Eme!!
Yep, thats papa Steve back there.
The Harty Family
Jim and Eme
Choose your favorite penquin and strike a pose!