Monday, April 30, 2007

Locked in At the Bell

Locksmith and grandma Ida's car!
Mr. Locksmith said this was just the best way to spend a lunch hour..ha!

We had lunch today at the Bell and after we had been there and ordered and waited and waited and chatted and waited, the manager went to the men's room and came back and was having a fit! Someone was locked in the men's room! HA They had to call a locksmith and the whole rest of our lunch time was spent watching and listening to drills and voices chatting about the adventure someone was having on the john! It was some cute young man who was driving a van from out of town. He looked really embarassed and was told to come back and have free food. . . but he just quickly left and hit the road. Poor thing!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Terry's Birthday Party

Terry's 27th birthday is on Wed. so we had his family party today since we had Taylor. All the regulars came and we had donuts and chatted bit. We ate, they left. Done, over. Not too much but Terry never wants to visit so its all good.

Page three. . . Sunday

Brother Friendly came to Primary to tell the children all about Friend, the church magazine for kids. They loved him! He told stories and gave them ideas for FHE and it was a total success.

And again. . .

Little kid rides seemed pretty tame after the big ones! But taylor still enjoyed them. Boat rides and train rides and ferris wheel and the frog bouncer!

Again with page two....

Here is the newest ride at the forest. . . its the log ride at the old saw mill. Taylor never balked for a second at going on this ride. Notice that I was taking pics and NOT in the log! Ha. . . they only got a little wet, and she loved it! I think Steven likes these rides too.

And more of page two. . .

This is the old time town and it had a great side comingout of the olf fort. Her Steve and Tay are getting their pics taken with Abe Lincoln and playing on the slide and going in and out of the Indian caves.

More of Page two

Mary had a little lamb. . its fleece was white as snow. . .
Jack and Jill fell down the hill, altho it looks like Jill is pushing Jack a little! ha
The old lady who lived in the shoe, was a total success with Tay, we did this alot!
This was quite the workout for the little kids! Up and down and up and up!!!

Our Anniversary. . .was when?

The 28th was our 34th wedding anniversary and we were so excited to take Tay and go play, we both forgot! HA. So we had a nice ride, and played in the woods all day, and had dinner at Wendy's! It just cant get better, right! Mercy, its fun getting old!

Taylor's Weekend...Page Two

Taylor posing for me The line to get into the forest
Cinderella's castle was the first thing on the trail to see

We went to the Enchanted Forest today! We haven't been since Bethany was still in high school and Steven had never been! Taylor had a wonderful time, as did her papa and I. Terry was supposed to go, but alas, he was out all night, and that makes it hard to get up in the morning. She said it was ok, he didnt have to come if he needed to sleep. Out of the mouths of babes. . . The Forest is located jsut south of Salem in Sunnyside and it was a beautiful day to climb mountains! ( its all built on the hillside and in the woods. . cobblestone trails, but hills still!)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Our Weekend With Taylor. . page one.

Here we are at Abby's!
Dad wants us to think he isnt eating. . . but HA! He is!
Sunburn city!

Taylor and Grandma Ida

We picked Taylor up at 400 from Karen's and she was riding her bike with NO training wheels! WOW...anad then Terry and I brought her home. Grnadma Ida stopped by and we took pics of her new sundburn! Ouch, I guess Florence is hot today. Steven finally got home and we went to Abby's for a salad. She is ready for bed now I think, cuz she is a little fussy! HA

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Things

Dress one
Dress two

New tv in the family room
Baby one and Luke

Madi is looking for a new dress for Ella and Taylor to get their pics taken in together in May when they come to visit. Tay has these two and Madi will try and find Ella one to match. She also bought Ella one and is trying to find Tay one to match it!! WOW...other new things. . . dad's new TV and new babies in our Stake. Luke Mitchell and the Primary secretary's little boy. . . soon to come the new steeple at the church!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Proctor For A Day

Amanda and the site of our testing! Nice ,eh?
Shirley Kilmer and Bonnie

Dad and Bishop Bartlett and dad and I. Nifty pic? Not !! I was holding the camera and it makes for nasty looking photos of self. . .but i really had fun, I just look mad.

Christine and her sister Alice and her husband. Very nice couple!

Steven and I went to Eugene to Proctor for another time for the Fundamentals of Engineering. We are each in charge of a group of 24 students who take 2 four hour tests. We had to be there at 6:30am and we finished at 6:30pm, with an hour lunch. WOW, what a way to spend the day...sitting and walking and watching and giving out potty break passes and picking up tests and handing out tests and getting paid 12.00 an hour! HA! It was great. . .this was our second time and I'm sure not our last. All the workers were members from our ward, or members of the ward that have moved and got call backs. . thanks Merritt!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lunch at The Bell!

Aunt Sue and Chrissy
Grandma Ida and me!
The Bell's famous diet soda

Dad finished work by 1:00, so he joined us before heading off to the sanddunes for a quick ride.

Here we are at the Bell, having lunch again! Aunt Sue has discovered "getting out" and she now has it down to an art! ha We love those bean burrittos with jalapeno sauce! mmmmmmmmm

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Mowing Experience. .Can you Pick Out Ours?

I dont even know what brand it is, cuz its so nasty!

I went to Coos Bay with Aunt Sue and grandma this afternoon and when we got back, dad was working on his lawn mower. . . again. Everytime its time to mow, he has to monkey with it . This time, he had it totally torn apart and asked Terry what he knew about small engines. Ha! Two hours later, I hear this noise and go to check it out. Steven has the drill hooked up to the place where you pull the rope to start it and its smoking and whinning and noisy and smelly! But not starting. A few minutes later, I hear it running! NO lie! Its running again and he's off and mowing the lawns. I feel like he should get a new one, but really, when this one still works? Nice, I know!