Saturday, April 14, 2007

Working on A Saturday!

Taylor getting her things in order.

Terry and Grandma Ida as they reposition bundles on a pallet.Notice the fort in the background...thanks Grandma Ida. Taylor's play area, the whole warehouse! She rode that bike around like a crazy lady!
My work station was inside the truck! See my soda and my phone are close by. ha

My boss needed some driving guides bundled by Sunday afternoon, so Terry was asked to do them, and of course that meant that I was going to have to work too. And its our weekend with Taylor, so we all went. We had a great time, Tay rode her bike and made houses out of the big boxes. Grandma Ida came and played too. We broke down four 2800 lb. pallets and made 8 smaller ones to reship out on Monday. Its really hard on my back, but it was still a fun family time and any time spent with Terry is a good thing. Steven was at the temple with the youth, so he missed all the fun.


Madison McShinsky said...

Looks like fun! I've never seen that area of your work..must be kinda new!

Bethany said...

Yah, where's the warehouse?

It looked kinda funny with Grandma Ida and Taylor there moving large pallets. I"m sure they didn't, but it appears that way in the picture. Yah picked a strong moving team, Grandma Lyn :)