Sunday, April 1, 2007

"New washer/dryer"

Here's the new dryer and the old washer....and
here's the new washer and the old dryer!

Ken was selling his washer/dryer for 100.00 to mostly get rid of them. We asked to have them, cuz they're only 3/5 years old and mine are 10+. SOOO, we made the deal, and Ken gave them to us for only 50.00! Deal huh? We load'em up and bring them home, man handle them into place, and the dryer isnt really working. SOOOO, we put the old dryer back in and keep the new washer, and order a part for the new dryer. It'll be here in a week and now we wonder how the good deal is flyin'! we'll keep ya posted.


Madison McShinsky said...

the washer looks alot nicer then your old least it still has the nobs to turn it on with! You wont have to use pliers!!

Bethany said...

Oh yah, the pliers!!! I'm so glad that you got a new washer and dryer Mom!