Monday, July 30, 2007

Sunday Baby Shower in Mapleton

Madi and I took the little girls to a baby shower for a gal I work with in Mapleton after church. Here's Tay playing in the field until she discovered a big spider and wouldn't go back out there again.

Ella was the hit of the shower. . she was a delight for all the ladies.

Ella and Taylor Moments From The Weekend

At the mall. . .
Bath time
A minute in the Jeep
Attacking the diaper package

Whats New??

We have had a baby at our house for a week now, and so this is one of the things that got the back burner. Bethany told me that was no excuse, so I'll try to get pics on tonight. Madi and I are sharing computers and my internet, so its tricky. I have a great story of moving the siding to share tonight. Work is work and we had Taylor this weekend it was a BUSY time.

Friday, July 27, 2007

It's Almost Time For Paint!

Finishing up the caulking and then its on to choose a paint color. It'll be a green with white trim, just have to find the right green.

Aunt Sue's Big Surprise

See her little silver car there in the parking lot of Subway?? Well, that was at 830 at night! HA!! She locked her keys in her car at lunchtime. Poor Aunt Sue...its was a great adventure.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Family Night

Here's Ella with Bob. . . and the pompom
HI DAD!!! Its Cookie Monster and me. . . .
Phil and Richard and Libby. .

Libby and family came ovr to hug madi and Ella and catch up on things. The little boys had their video games and Libby had her stories! It was a nice evening for all.

Monday, July 23, 2007

A Weekend Off. . But Still A Busy Time

This is the first sign that you have left the coast!! HA its lava rock heading into the desert!

Steven and I took off at 430pm Thursday afternoon for Utah to get Madi and Ella for an Oregon visit. We got to their house at 1000am friday. . .and were off for DI shopping. We met Joe for dinner and the a trip to the mall for more shopping. Sat. we went to the water park and then out to dinner at the new place they had found. . .and then Madi and Joe made a midnight run to get the new Harry Potter book! We left Sunday morning at 500am our time and were home in Oregon at 1030 pm. We had a wonderful time in Utah and cant wait to come back again.

This Spot is For Bethany. .

When Bethany was with us on a family trip to Portland, she was looking out the window and was commenting on the sheep in the fields. We were all alittle confused by her comments, so we asked her to explain. The sheep in the fields she said...dont you see them??? NO all we saw were haybales!!! The poor thing didnt have her contacts in, and sheep and bales were somehow apretty close exchange. To this day, when we pass a field, we smile and say. . "Remember when Bethany said..." So Bethany, these are for you! Sheep in the most amazing locations and formations!

A Trip To The Mall. . .

HI grandma. . do you like my bow?? My mom got it for me!
Yep! They were as excited to be there as they look!!! Good thing tomorrow is the water park. .boys like those activities much better.
Hey grandma! The music in here is pretty loud! But I like it!!!
Thats Madi behind the cute new shirt!

We went shopping on Friday. . to the DI and to the mall. When Joe got off work he joined us for dinner and then it was off to the of his FAVORITE things to do! Madi got a few new clothes for her visit and Ella loved the shopping experience with her grandma!

Off To The Water Park!

This is all part of where the Olympics took place. . .pretty cool!
Ella had a great time in the kiddy pools1 So did Steven and I! HA Here she is with the parents.
Too much of a good thing will require a nap at some point!
Madi and Joe and Ella at the Seven Peaks Waterpark. It was 102 degrees, so Joe's awning was a life savor foe us who melt in the heat!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sunday Afternoon. . .

Skating is NOT so much fun as the box made it look!

Taylor was trying out her new beginner skates. . . and no so much of a success! She was having a hard time going and then they went and she fell! And that was it for the day. . .we played board games for a while, it was safer and less trama on her hinny!

Family Home Evening!!

Yes this was taken on the tall ladder! Steven wanted me to either cut or hang. . .and I choose to do neither! I am not getting on the roof, and the sawing is WAY TOO NASTY. . . so i was there for moral support tonight and to snap a couple of up close shots.

One more side and thats a wrap there.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dad's Idea of Cleaning The Gutters!!!!

Oops!! Really he's taking them down so we can replace them!! HA

Tennis Anyone?

taylor's new church ourfit was a great find at Ross for only 3.49 Nice eh??

After church today. . . .