Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Sea Lion Caves aka the Big Store

Taylor was asking about the "big store" along the highway on 101 and we told her that it not just a store, but it was Sea Lion Caves and that when it got warmer outside, we could go and see the sea lions. She's never been and Steve and I both have gone when we were in school! Imagine that, and its still standing...wow!

Keeping in Touch

I had to get new tires from Les Schwab Tire Center for our next trip to see Madi and Joe. I left the car there and walked to work and chatted with Beth on the way. It was a nice visit and then grandma picked me up after the car was done and we also had a nice chat! Thanks to the tire store, I can keep in touch with my family!

Sue's weekend

Sue has to work this weekend, she's employed at the Edwin K Bed and Breakfast, so no fun trips down the coast with her! She has been selling quite a bit of her beaded things at the Blue Heron Gallery, so when she's not working, she can at least afford to go play! Next trip Sue!

Clown Party

We took Taylor to Brownsville to meet her cousins and have a clown party there! She had a grand time and after we headed back to Eugene and went shopping and had dinner at Chili's, my favorite place! We had a lot of fun, and Steve's mom, who came with us, was more than ready to head home when it was time. Guess we had more fun than she was used to!