Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jacob's Birthday party

Donut tower!!
Transformer donut tower!!
Happy Birthday Jacob # 11

Shooting his new pellet gun
Joe with his BD gift from the 12th when he turned 5
Aim ! Fire!

Whoa thats more like it!!
Nick, Tom, Alex and Eme
Eme and Alex

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Different kind Of Afternoon Adventure

Cousin Sheryl Lynn's daughter Katie was married on Sat. over around Noti and we had a day out to go. . it was a nice family affair, with talks about temple marriages on the way to and from.
Katie and her dad
The bridal party

Katie and Cameron Burke

The bridal party. . we LOVED the whole clan thing...the kilts were killer and thomas really like the knifes they carried on their socks!
Our own clan!! Black tops and creme pants. . .we were noted that we were all together.

Tom and Eme
Note the BIG sword..Tom was very intrigued!
The bride

Dinner Out

We walked the long way to the DQ to avoid traffic and big highways, so it took forever to get there..we were hot and ready to sit and chat and have some ice cream. Here's Jake and Tom
Bethany and Tom and Jim
Papa and Eme and Joe
Beth and Tom
Joe and GM

A Few Family Moments So Far

Setting up extra temp bedrooms

taking a moment on our walk to rest

walking along the boardwalk
more walking and bike riding, hill climbing

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

G I Joe Birthday For Joe

The group. . Joe and Aunt Toni, Taylor, Eme, Tom and Jim, Jake was sitting behind me. .
Joe and his mom's IOU for 5.00. . he REALLY got excited about the $$$$$
Opening G Ida's card. . .with $$$ in it!
From Toni and Harry
From Tammy and the McKenzies
Happy # 5 Joe

Ariel shot!
Ground troops


Check out th left in this shot!
We burned up one of the foot soldiers! Oops! Check out the smoke!