Saturday, September 29, 2007

A First For Grandma Ida. . Sandland Adventures!

Nice tires. . .
The buggy
Grandma Ida and Tay checking out our "speed buggy"
Grandma Ida in her seat. .
taylor posing for me
She sure takes after her Aunt Madi and Aunt bethany with her poses and smiling, huh?

Sandland Adventures

Loving the ride!! Tay said this was more fun than McDonalds!! Now thats a statement!!

Taylor and her flame hat!
Our driver..he was awesome, funny and a bit of a daredevil, so we got a great ride!

Sanddunes on the Oregon Coast
View from our seats

The Pacific Ocean!!

Siuslaw Football and Taylor. . A Winning Team???

Friday Night Football?? Tay and CJ are having a BALL!!!
Taylor and the Tou boys, Sammy and CJ
Tay and papa
Alex and Aunt Toni
Siuslaw Vikings
Papa Steve

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Aunt Sue Gets A NEW Do! WOW

Jennifer gives Aunt Sue the new look. . we saw this cut on a chick on Tuesday when I was getting my locks trimmed and she had to come back to get it!
It's very radically for Sue and grandma Ida was not too sure about it!
Before color. .
And after. . . and a waxed set of new brows!!Flip side of Sue. . While Sue was getting her color on, they decided that I needed a waxed set of brows too, so what the heck. . itwas so fun getting ripped and ready. . we laughed and nearly wet and had a grand time. The little hairdresser just wasnt sure what to make of these two old ladies from Florence, but we know! HA It was great!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dad Turns 54. . And Taylor Starts Gymnastics

Tay in her new jenny suit
Again. . .
Tay and Alex at Steven's family party
It was a Zinger of a party and he was a Cutie Pie!! HAAAA
Dad! Straight from his dive. . he was tired and cold and hungry. . he's getting old!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Morning

grandma Ida bought this for Taylor this summer and this was her first chance to wear it. Thanks Grandma Ida

She starts Head Start again tomorrow. . so this could be her back to school pic. .
This was her "Im watching MIckey Mouse and please just leave the hair as it. . its fine!" face!
Semi-smile thing. . .

Tearing Down To Make It New

If I cant get the "park" as taylor calls it, I'll get a remade one tht will be nicer and safer than the one thats in the back now. Working on ideas and supplies. . .
This is tay's cheerleader pose. .
And this
Papa and his saw-all! ARRRRRR
There it goes. . .

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Getting going. . lets hope this is the ONLY time this child gets printed!!!

Taylor getting her fingerprints on a parents copy to keep.

She was just about too helpful for this volunteer, she was way ahead of him most of the time. . .pretty funny to watch.
Name. . .
Getting started. . back to front. . . sorry about the order.