Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Sunday

Sat Bunny Day At Sue's

Ella's marshmellow got stuck to her hinnie!
Chrissy and Austin
Face art
by Taylor

Egg hunt
in Sue's
Steven & Austin

Madi eating a sour candy!

More Outside Time At Grandma's

Spring Has Sprung. . So Smell The Flowers

Bunny Sat at Donald's With Family

Tay and Ella and Alex
Ella and Alex

After the hunt and before family time at Sue's

Easter Bunny Saturday. . .

Madi and Kathleen and children
Taylor and Alex
Tammy and Alex, Madi and Ella and Tylor and Chrsiiy and Austin

Again, minus Tay and add the bunny at Miller Park Egg Hunt 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Little Cutie Contest Photo Shoot. . .

We went for the singing in the rain thing. . .Madi had hers done this way when she was little.

Rochon's Studio

A Flock of Gulls. . .

Watching from the car until getting out sounded much more fun!

Ella SOOO was not afraid of the gulls but they were a little weary of the red coat I think!