Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Day at the Beach

Going to the beach was a grand time. We flew kites and enjoyed many of the same things that I'm sure our tourists enjoy, looking for driftwood and shells. Living here, you get a little "used" to the ocean being there and seldom go and enjoy it.When Terry was working at Driftwood Shores, I saw it daily, as I was his ride to work, but now, alas. . . so it was just fun to go.

Tillamook Trip

Last time we went on a family outing, we wanted to go somewhere out of the norm, so we chose Tillamook! Its up the coast and in cow country so going there is an adventure in and of itself. The Tillamook Cheese Factory is worth the trip, its fun to see and the cheese is soooo good. We just took our time and looked at all the sites to see along the way, both up and back.

Monday, January 29, 2007


We drove past Sandland Adventure last night and Taylor wanted to know when we could go to that? We'll have to take her on the dune buggy ride, either the big bus one, or maybe the smaller fast ones! Just need to wait for the sunshine to get a little warmer before we do! Maybe when Madi and Joe come again, we'll make it a family day.


Again with the scrapping, but I was looking back thru Madi and Joe's wedding things, and found the page of their honeymoon at The Channel House in Depoe Bay. Brent and Bethany also honeymooned at the Channel House, but ten years earlier. Dad and I stayed at The Inn at Spanish Head on our honeymoon in Lincoln City. Go figure that a generation later and my girls would be honeymooning so close to where i spent mine.


Remember when we went down the coast and climbed a mountain looking for the redwoods? Well i was thinking about that today, and how funny it was to have poor Joe pushing me up the trail cuz my sandals were so slippery. Why was I wearing sandals to climb a mountain? Because Steven took a wrong road, and we couldn't find the spot we thought we were finding. Got that? So he just knew this was it, NOT! All was not lost tho, cuz we had a nice lunch in Crescent City and the bonding time was priceless. Lesson learned? Bring extra shoes in case of lost redwoods!

Lets go to the City!

Lets go to the city! We hear that a lot from our 4 year old granddaughter. So ok, lets go! Coos Bay and Eugene are the cities of choice usually, anywhere theres a playland to be had. We even found one in Lincoln City on the one time lately that we headed in that direction. Thank goodness for "Donald's".

Friday, January 26, 2007

Brookings Fun

We had a nice drive to Brookings. We took our time and just enjoyed the scenery. We miss the Bandon Cheese Factory being gone, but we can still get ice cream at the DQ in Reedsport, so its all good!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Adobe

Steven and I had a nice evening and a meal at the Adobe in Yachats last month. The drive up there is a nice one and the food there is pretty good, especially the tortellini salad they serve..mmmmm!

Dry Shower

I was scrapping last night and found the pics from Madi's bridal shower at Sue's, who lives in Florentine Estates. We had a great time and then as the night got on, we had a call telling us of a tsunami warning! NICE! Some of the gals left but the rest of us figured we were in the safe zone, so why ruin a good party? HA There was an earthquake in Calif. but we never had any fallout here. And the shower was a dry one! HA

Girls Night Out

Madi and I were remembering our trip to Gold Beach and our overnighter at the Hotel 6 with Luell and Emily and Kathleen! Thats way too many chicks in one room, but boy did we have fun! And our conference was great to boot!

Pancake Mill

Madi and I right before she headed off to college, went to lunch in Coos Bay at The Pancake Mill. They have the best pies, oh my heck! We just had a girls day and then got a pie to take home to men in out lives and they were more then a little pleased. Of course, no trip to Coos Bay/North Bend is complete without a trip to WalMart and Ross. Good times!


We took a trip to Newport to the Oregon Coast Aquarium and Taylor had a great time. She was afraid of the skate because it had lips, but loved the other fish and the scuba diver. It was a fun time and we had lunch later at McDonald's, because they have a playland, ya know!

Bandon's Deer Park

We took Taylor to Bandon's Deer Park recently and she had a grand time! She was able to hold a baby cougar and pet a baby lion! It was a lot of fun watching her interact with animals and see how she treated them all like babies!

Outlet Stores

Steven and I took Madi and Joe and went up the coast to the Lincoln City Outlet Mall and had a ball! We found things for Madi at the Motherhood store and Joe bought Madi a glass ball stand at one of the novelity stores there. We had lunch at Izzy's and considered it a total success of a day!

Monday, January 15, 2007

A Day in Newport

We recently took our married children and a granddaughter to Newport's Undersea Garden and Ripley's Believe it or Not. We had a great time and the package deal was worth the money and our time.