Monday, November 5, 2007

Nov. 5th: Taylor and Thomas' Birthdays

Taylor turns 5!! Taylor had her family party tonight at Aunt Sue's. It was fun for her, we only got to keep her for a couple of hours today, so we'll spend the weekend having a party time with her. Grandma Ida helps tay open her gifts..
Baby Alex
Tay and her new pony stuff
Taylor and hthe Triffle
Nice face Missy!!
Taco Bell Happy Meal toy. . .
Happy Birthday Taylor. . .


Madison McShinsky said...

Happy Birthday Taylor and Thomas!
That triffle looks kinda odd..what is on top...?

Bethany said...

Happy B-Day Taylor! Hope your day was better than Toms. We still haven't had his party. Poor kid!

Lyn said...

Thats wrong!!! Give the child some cake!!