Saturday, August 18, 2007

Updates and Stuff

On the way to shop! Nice ride, eh? Heceta Lighthouse in the background.
Ella at lunch. . . . or was this dinner. . .mmmmm
Outlet Mall in Lincoln City. Steven went to the temple with the youth, so we girls went shopping! HA, what a change for us!!
Lunch at McD's in Newport, and later, we had dinner at McD's in Lincoln City. . . mmmmm.
Taylor LOVES the playland and makes a new friend everytime we go.
Taking a moment to crawl. . .
Taylor was a good big "sister" but said she wanted a turn riding..and that it was all Madi's fault that she didnt get one. Why, we asked? Cuz you had HER and and she gets all the rides! ha. . children are so funny!

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