Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Visit To Utah

Steven and I went to Utah see Madi for her birthday and to watch Conference with her and Joe. It was a great time. . we went to Little Sahara( down to Nephi and then west to Jericho to the sand dunes. . . and NO, they aren't as cool as the Oregon ones) and the boys rode their 3wheelers. Madi and I shopped for her birthday and we got TONS of Ella time. We went to dinner after the Priesthood session on Sat. at TGIFridays and had a nice time. We spent a lot of time at the DI and in front of the tv! Conference was wonderful and I learned again how much I still need to learn! I loved the talked from Sister Beck on families and children and being a mother. . made both Madi and I cry! Pres. Hinkley was on his game again, made us laugh and pay attention. LOVED the "new" guy!! Brother Ering. . he's my favorite... The weather was crazy, sunny and snowing and blowing and raining. . .we had it all! It was a really good trip and I'm ready to go again. . . the ride home was good too...lots of visiting for us. I'll post my pics later today. . .

In the car waiting for Ella's dad at the Honda Store while eating lunch from Subway! Ha Did you get all that???

I'm free from the carseat at last!!

Papa and Ella in their riding gear!
Mom and Ella
The McShinskys

Getting ready to ride!

Ella and mom

Steven and me!

Joe and Madi and Ella and papa

Ella and grandma
Ella and mom
The Rough and Almost ready. . .
Ella and papa

You talking about me??
Take that!
Dad and Ella
I mean dad and Minnie

Whats this???
Hey! I have a sock!! HA
She loves to carry things in her mouth. . .

Joe and the giant pumpkin. .
Ella's first pumpkin. . her dad's is helping her. .
She wants to help. . I think. .
Never mind, I'll just play here for a bit.

The ride home is always longer that going...ha. . . and that last bit between Bend and Springfield is just a killer. But this was an added surprise to find all the fall leaves out and it made the trip seem much less LONG!


Pinky said...

You know what all those autumn colors mean? It's going to be a stinkin COLD winter! Ha! He He... Actually I like it when it's cold.

Pinky said...

AWWWWww what great pictures. Ella is just so gosh awful CUTE! I just love her great big beautiful eyes!