Monday, July 7, 2008

Fourth of July Parade in Utah

My most favorite part of the whole day, Glenn Beck was in the parade. . .oh man, how cool is that!
Here he is, waving at you Pinky!!

Floats from lotsof different cities around Provo

Hot air balloons

Marchhing Elders and Sisters from the MTC
How awesome is this!!

This was one of my favorite parts, BYU and its football program had some of the players and the rally squad and this great semi to haul them in!

Star Wars action figures!
Storm trooper for Tom and Jake


Bethany said...

I do LOVE a parade!!!

Pinky said...

Hey! Glenn Beck! No Way! Hi Glenn :o) Did you tell him we were looking forward to seeing him in Springfield next week? he he! I can't wait!