Sunday, December 16, 2007

HO HO HO Merry Christmas

Steven snuck in and surprised taylor with a visit . . she wasnt getting to come to the show, so we needed pics now. She was so embrassed when she saw Santa and then she asked him why he was wearing papa's work boots! She wasnt sure at first, but then she figured it out when he tried to bite her ear! Nice going Santa!! She was really happy with the whole thing!

Santa leaving. . .
And later at Fred Meyers we ran into the REAL Santa and he posed with her for me. Later we went and had her photo with him. At first she wanted no part of him or the pics, so I offered her 1.00 ...still no. Then when we met him in the isle, it was sort of ok now. We went to his area and she waved like they were old friends and hopped up on his lap for her photo! And then she asked for her $$. Kids!

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