Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Trip To The Bay Area. . And A Little Mexico Side Trip

The Coos BAy/Norht Bend bridge
Up and up and up
The train bridge is opened to let large ships come in and out.. thats a fog bank out there trying to lift.
This bridge is just really tall so that ships can go under it.
View out the other window

Welcome to Porta Viarda . . Hola!

Jake and Eme
The children LOVED the chairs. . .they each had to pose with theirs..

Tom and I
Bethany and I

Eme and hers
and then we have Joe!


Madison McShinsky said...

I really like the cheese sauce they have..I was really jealous you got to eat there, until I had REALLY good chocolate cake at Ikea..and then I was okay with it..haha

Bethany said...

Yeah, I was pretty jealous of all of the good food they were eating too! I just had lettuce, tomatoes, and some shredded beef - I had to give all of my rice and beans and good stuff away :)